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—a conversation with Mike Telin

Time for Three (photo: Journey Group)

Time for Three premiered Christ Brubeck’s new concerto for two violins, double bass and orchestra with Randall Craig Fleischer and the Youngstown Symphony on March 20. We spoke with the trio by conference call at a radio station in Harrisburg, PA to talk about Time for Three and the new concerto.

Nick: Hi Mike, this is Nick Kendall, one of the violinists.

MT: Yes, we met a couple of weeks ago right after your Oberlin concert.

NK: Yea, that’s right. We have the other guys here as well.

Ranaan Meyer: Hello this is Ranaan, nice to meet you.

MT: Nice to meet you too

Zach De Pue: hello it’s Zach

MT: Hello.

ZDP: You know I lived in Cleveland for a year, and I still have my Browns season tickets.

MT: Do you?

ZDP: Yes I do

MT: Wow you are one of the few who has bothered to keep them.

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—a conversation with Mike Telin

On Saturday, March 20, Randall Craig Fleischer conducted the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra and Time for Three in Chris Brubeck’s new concerto for two violins, double bass and orchestra. We talked with the composer by telephone about the new piece.

Mike Telin: You are in Ft. Meyers Florida, with the Gulf Coast Orchestra?

Chris Brubeck: Yes, they are doing the piece I wrote called Quiet Heroes. So I am around for advice, and my buddy on this project Wilfred Brimley will be narrating, and it’s a triple bonus because I get to visit my dad. It’s much better for him here than taking the chance of slipping on the ice back in Connecticut where he used to live.

MT: Yes I just read about this piece on your website, in fact you have a number of interesting orchestral projects happening.

CB: Yes, I think they are interesting. I try to do a couple every year, although almost all of my energy during the past year has been focused on the new Time for Three piece. We are at the countdown to its birth, since I started it nine months ago.

MT: Yes, this sounds like a very interesting piece. I know it was an eight-orchestra commission, but who was it that approached you about being the composer?

CB: Well, to me anyway, it is an interesting and funny story. First, I am not sure if you know that I wrote a violin concerto for Nick Kendall, who is one of the three of Time for Three. But, so much credit needs to be giving to Randall Fleischer, the music Director of the Youngstown Symphony, the Anchorage Symphony and the Hudson Valley Philharmonic. I’ll tell you the whole story.
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